What is the secretion during ovulation?

Female friends will have many physiological changes during ovulation, such as increased vaginal discharge, increased secretions, etc. In fact, this is a normal physiological manifestation. Many careful female friends will find their own lower body during ovulation. Is it damp, and there are more secretions, so what is the secretion in the ovulation period? When the secretion increases, need treatment? Ovulation secretion, pre-ovulation, the ovary mainly secretes estrogen, the secretion gradually Increased, under its role, the amount of cervical mucus also gradually increased, and increasingly thin, translucent. The lower body that has been dry after menstruation will gradually become damp. When it reaches the ovulation period, the estrogen secretion peaks, the cervical mucus volume is also the most, and the toughness is also the largest. There is often a strip of clear mucus flowing out, sometimes it can be pulled very long. At this time, the woman’s lower body is the most wet, when the band leucorrhea flows out, There will be a slippery feeling. It is different from the increase in vaginal discharge caused by vaginitis and cervical erosion. The former is clear and translucent, with no odor, of which more than 95% is water; the latter is yellow or cheese-like, and makes the genital itching uncomfortable, and often has an odor. A large amount of cervical mucus secretion during ovulation lasts for about 2 to 3 days, which is the most humid time of the lower body. After the ovulation period, the ovary secretes the hormone progesterone, which prevents the secretion of cervical mucus, so the vaginal discharge is reduced, and the lower body is also much dry. After about 10 days, menstruation comes. Sometimes in the 12 days before menstruation, the vaginal discharge is slightly increased, which is mainly the vaginal exfoliation of the epithelium, uterine secretions and bacteria, rather than sticky cervical mucus. Women with vaginitis often cannot distinguish between this dry and wet feeling. Therefore, when your lower body continues to be wet, especially with itching, you should go to the regular hospital for treatment, so as not to cause various diseases due to delay in treatment. Although there are more secretions during ovulation, it is colorless and odorless. If a female friend finds abnormal secretions, he should go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Two days before and after the ovulation period is easy to receive pregnancy, according to the above four methods to comprehensively consider the ovulation period. Prospective fathers and expectant mothers who plan to have a baby should choose the same room during ovulation, which can increase the chance of conception. If you are still not pregnant for one year, you can go to the hospital to find out why.