Why do men who do not love marriage after 70?

1. There is too much pressure on life in modern society. The main pressure is from work, from life, to the challenge of marriage. It is not as simple as making a friend. It needs to solve a series of practical problems such as house and car. And the pressure of these lives can make men choose to give up marriage. 2, not enough money in addition to the house car, more importantly, there must be enough funds to live, from the moment of the farewell to singles, it is necessary to spend money to cultivate feelings, preparations for marriage, basically with money And the life after marriage, naturally, is enough to leave without enough money to live. 3, pick and choose to pick flowers and eyes may be a lot of 70 men have talked about a lot of girlfriends, including cohabitation, and then when they face the sensitive vocabulary of marriage, they can not bear to quickly bury themselves, so began Picky, pick one after another, the results come to the end, they look at it, others feel inappropriate, others look at it, they do not like it. 4, for the so-called study and career, I believe that I have no end in learning, I have been studying, and I have studied undergraduate science. I have studied in the undergraduate course. After I finish my studies, I still want to read Bo. I have already had more than 30. Work is even more reluctant to mention marriage, and has been waiting for more choices in the future. 5. The singularists clearly do not want to get married, like celibacy, like freedom, do not like being restrained, and do not need the bondage of life, especially married men, of course, not unmarried, so the majority of men after the 70s More selfish. 6, wait-and-see players can cohabitation, but definitely do not take the marriage out of the study, even including cohabitation for a long time, some cohabitation for many years is not willing to mention marriage, if the girlfriend proposed, will find a reasonable and yet The grand reason for her to wait, this 70-man man typical wait-and-see, squatting in the bowl, also looked at the pot. 7, the feelings have been severely hit most of the 70-year-old men will be more rational on the issue of marriage, but also more obey the views of parents, after all, the man of that era has a sense of obedience to the overall situation, the result is often obeyed The overall situation hurts myself, and after feelings have been severely hit, there is no confidence in love. 8. I am afraid of taking responsibility. This 70-year-old man has his own small abacus. He has a clear target of attack, but he has not succeeded. Therefore, he will drag it and say that if he succeeds, he will change the target of the attack. Just look for the result of a woman in front of me, seriously afraid of taking responsibility and stealing. 9. A woman who does not really love It’s easy to like a woman, but this kind of love never reaches the point of love. It’s just like it, so you can only choose to talk, talk, cohabit for a while and then you can not marry, and the final result is still single. This kind of 70-man man is more fragile in his bones, and generally does not believe in true love. 10, do not like women, a man after 70 men, if you really do not talk about love or marriage, if it is not a problem with sexual function, then maybe comrades, do not like women at all. They just want to have sex with men, how can they marry a woman?