A charming love game between men and women

What do you think I wear this dress, it looks fat?” When a woman asks you this way, you are destined to “rob the number of people.” No matter what you say, the answer is wrong. She must have The correct answer. If you say a good faith lie and tell her that “you don’t look fat at all”, she knows that you are lying. At this time, some punishment is naturally inevitable for two reasons: one It’s because you lied, and the second is because you have noticed the shape of her figure. It can be seen that no matter how you choose to answer, you can’t win the hearts of the Iraqis. Why are women passionate about these psychological games? The reason is very simple. Women hope to control the relationship between the two sexes through these games. The average man usually knows nothing about these psychological games for women. But because you have to enter the game sooner or later, you better know about these games. Let’s take a look at what is the game that women usually play in three different periods—the acquaintance stage, the dating stage, and the love stage. What are their hearts thinking about? The psychological game between women is in stage. Game 1: She is sexy and shows a little crazy. What she is thinking: In this case, there is no logic at all. She also knows that according to the nature of men, they will of course stare. She looks. Then she will punish them for their normal and natural behavior. So men don’t want to see their sexy ladies, they are reluctant to remove their eyes, which may make you lose a good chance. Game 2: She is passionate In addition, she is still very popular, even if she is completely uninterested to date or further develop with the man in front of her, she will still make some suggestive actions that are quite provocative. What she is thinking: she wants to draw your attention, To make sure that you are still attractive to men. Game 3: Although she doesn’t plan to date you, she will still leave a phone number or leave your phone number, but will never call you. Thinking about it: This is another bid for power. She just wants to assure herself that she can control men with her unique feminine charm. Game 4 Even if she is happy to date you, she chooses to refuse your date, or does not call you back. What she is thinking: Sometimes this is just a game of chasing the dominance of both sexes, sometimes it shows her I hope you pursue her and prove to her how much you are obsessed with her. If you hook up, she knows that she has complete control, and you will always hear her whip creaking. Dating stage game 1: On dating At the last moment, she suddenly canceled the date, or she did not show up at all, and apologized afterwards.