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Incorrect sitting posture can affect chest health

Hey, your chest is gone! I believe that all female friends will be surprised when they hear something like this. But this is the fact that many girls’ chests are distorted. Let us not entangle this is a genetic problem, in fact, this is directly related to the wrong sitting posture. Wrong sitting posture: Some girls in front of the table in order to see the computer screen more clearly, like to lean forward on the desk, feel that this is labor-saving. But this posture just oppresses the chest, it will squeeze the fat to the sides of the armpit; lose the contents of the lower hemisphere, the results can be imagined. Countermeasure: Leave the desktop. We learned all the time when we were young. The correct sitting posture is that the chest is punched from the table. If you are too easy read more

3 types of gynecological diseases are easy to find women

According to the survey data, about 41% of women of childbearing age in China suffer from different degrees of gynecological inflammation, while the incidence of married women is as high as 70%. So, for women, what gynecological diseases are easy to engage in sudden attacks? Vaginitis For many women, vaginal inflammation is a very common gynecological disease. Under normal circumstances, women’s vagina is relatively moist, often with a small amount of egg white-like milky secretions, which can maintain a weak acidic environment in the vagina, thus preventing the invasion of germs. However, in the case of anemia, malnutrition, colds or fatigue, due to the decreased resistance, the vaginal self-purification function will also decline, and bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria may take read more

Cervical infertility is easy to damage reproductive health

Infertility is already a very common fertility problem for women. However, the causes of infertility are diverse and the damage to the body varies. The survey found that the most serious impact on female reproductive health is cervical infertility, which is an important disease that causes most women to not be pregnant properly. So what are the clinical manifestations of female patients during daily onset? Let’s take a look at it together to prevent serious damage to the body. First, the clinical manifestations of cervical canal atresia of the cervical canal are mainly after ambulatory or cervicitis after treatment with amenorrhea accompanied by periodic lower abdominal pain. Gynecological examination revealed that the vagina was purple-blue, the cervix was painful, and the palace read more

4 factors affecting male reproductive health

The society has developed, the economy has grown, and the standard of living has improved. However, there are more and more men suffering from male diseases, and they are gradually becoming younger. Therefore, prevention and treatment of male reproductive diseases has become the most concerned topic. Why are there more and more men with reproductive diseases now, and what is the reason for this? Today, Xiaobian will take you to a look. Bean products In today’s society, the economy is developing, but people’s life rhythm and work pressure have also increased. And it is constantly accelerating. Therefore, in order to save time, more and more modern people join the ranks of fast food. However, as everyone knows, there are many soy products, such as soy milk, in many fast foods. read more

Some erections are hard to be fake

Normal male sexual function is one of the factors in the relationship between husband and wife and family harmony. However, with the change of social living environment, the incidence of male erectile dysfunction is getting higher and higher, and it is younger. In the male clinic, many patients are depressed because of impotence, and even feel unable to lift their heads. But in fact, there are many patients with “false” impotence, and the male specialists at Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine reminded male friends to make a correct judgment. 1. There have been several failed life. A tough guy is synonymous with men. If there are several failures in a man’s sexual life, he will worry about “I am not able to do it, and there is impotence.” read more

Experts reminded to find out what to do with leucorrhea abnormalities

Leucorrhea is a barometer of women’s health. Once an abnormal phenomenon is found in white, it means that women’s health has problems. Of course, different symptoms represent different diseases. If women find leucorrhea abnormality in their lives, they must not I don’t think so, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I’m thinking that my illness is quietly attacking your health! Then, what should I do if I find leucorrhea abnormal? What should I do if I find leucorrhea abnormal? What vaginal discharge is a kind of vaginal discharge in the female vagina? Liquid, lubricated, usually no smell or weak smell, but when the body is abnormal, the amount of leucorrhea will increase, the color becomes dark yellow, the texture is sticky and smelly. This phenomenon of leucorrhea is not normal. read more

7 major precautions for emergency contraception

When there is some kind of accident in sex life, the most worrying thing for men and women is unintended pregnancy. Therefore, emergency contraception cannot be delayed. However, if the method and measures are not correct when emergency contraception can still lead to pregnancy, the following 7 items can give you some tips and suggestions. 1. Emergency contraception is only an emergency method, not a routine contraceptive measure. The right contraceptive method should be chosen correctly, and should not be expected to use emergency contraception frequently. 2. Emergency contraception should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Emergency contraceptives should be taken within 72 hours of sex, with a higher failure rate over 72 hours. 3, the effectiveness of emergency contraception read more

Multiple protections make natural contraception more reliable

Normally, contraceptives, condoms, and contraceptives are the preferred methods of contraception in sexual life, but many people prefer natural contraception. Natural contraception is a contraceptive method that does not use any auxiliary tools. Its effectiveness is too low. Is there any way to improve its contraceptive effect? ​​Yes, with multiple protections, natural contraception can be more reliable. First, calculate the safe period: the safe period refers to the date of no ovulation, during this period of sexual life is generally not pregnant. But usually the “safe period” that people predict is a relatively mechanical “calendar method.” After all, the human body is not a clock. The menstrual cycle is often affected by health conditions, emotional factors, read more

The top 10 most common mistakes when using a condom

In sexual life, if we can use condoms correctly, we can reduce the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies by 98%, but if it breaks, slips or leaks, contraception may fail. The following are the 10 most common mistakes in the process of making love: Wearing a condom after the start of sexual intercourse is too late, and the number of people who make this mistake is 17%-51.1%. The condom was removed too early before the end of sexual intercourse, and 13.6%-44.7% of the people who made this mistake. 24.3% -45.7% of the people who have no seminal vesicles have found such a situation. Almost half of the women who forgot to vent and 41.6% of men said that they did not drain the top air when they used it. Repeated use of 4% -30.4% of people inside and outside the flip will do so, which will result read more

Analysis: damage to the female body by the flow of people

Today, you can see painless advertisements in the streets. Despite the painless flow, the problem is solved for women who are unintended pregnant. But in the same way, when helping women solve problems, it will cause immeasurable harm to the female body. So, how to deal with the troubles caused by people flow? Irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, is the symptoms of most people after abortion surgery. Many people complained that after the flow of people, the vacation will become dark and sticky. So why do you cause such symptoms? This is mainly because abortion can cause endocrine dysfunction, uterine cavity operation is also likely to increase the chance of infection, causing endometritis, pelvic connective tissue inflammation, attachment inflammation, etc., a variety of factors read more