How do couples advance ovulation during pregnancy?

How to make the ovulation period ahead of pregnancy? The first thing to know is that the ovulation period is artificially impossible. The ovulation period is related to the menstrual period. The ovulation period is 14 days before the menstrual cramp. This 14 days is only an average. If it is an irregular menstruation. Then this method is not suitable for women even ovulation. The secret of leucorrhea: periodic changes Interpretation of leucorrhea is an acidic secretion that protects the vagina from being invaded by bacteria. It is also a close-knit guardian of women! Like the big aunt, it also has periodic changes! I don’t know if you have discovered the law of leucorrhea when it is used for a long time, when it is thick and thick. It turns out that the secretion of leucorrhea is related read more

How is the ovulation period more likely to have boys in the same room?

How is the ovulation period more likely to have boys in the same room? In the ovulation period, the chance of pregnancy in the same room is particularly large. If the ovulation period is over, women should also do contraceptive measures. It is not that they will not be pregnant without ovulation. There is a great relationship between the male and female chromosomes. Basically, it can be said that it depends on the decision of the male. How to get pregnant quickly during ovulation Once you know when you are ovulating, you can arrange your sex life in your best conception period, from 3 days before ovulation to ovulation day. Of course, there is no harm in starting a sexual life earlier. Some women are pregnant because of sex during the first 6 days of ovulation. You have plenty of time to read more

What should I do if I am not pregnant after ovulation?

What should I do if my ovulation period is not pregnant after the same room? It is well known that female friends have a few days of ovulation in a month. If they are in the same room during ovulation, the chance of conception is relatively large, but many female friends are not pregnant after ovulation. What is going on here? Let’s take a closer look. Under normal circumstances, the ovaries of women of childbearing age will discharge a mature egg every month, so if women are in the same room during this period, the chance of pregnancy will be greater. However, it is not always possible to successfully conceive. If there are any factors that affect normal pregnancy, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment. In order to ensure the normal ovulation period, read more

Is the blood leucorrhea normal in women during ovulation?

Many women will face bleeding during ovulation. It is normal for this to happen. It is only at this time that women have no way to conceive, because ovulation bleeding can cause women’s resistance to decline. If they are in the same room at this time, they will give Women bring certain gynecological diseases. For the problem of normal vaginal discharge of vaginal discharge, the following is a detailed information for everyone. Ovulation leucorrhea brown ovulation in normal ovulation is colorless, transparent, multi-colored and brushed, but leucorrhea during ovulation may be caused by bleeding during ovulation. In the middle of menstruation, that is, during ovulation, due to the transient decline in estrogen levels, the endometrium loses the support of hormones and some endometrial read more

How to check the ovulation period, what are the methods?

The ovulation period is no stranger to most women. This is an excellent period of pregnancy for women who want to have a baby. It is also a time to prevent contraception. Especially in the fast-paced urban life, the pressure on the life of professional women has increased. The physical and mental feelings of the majority of female friends have felt a certain degree of exhaustion, but they can not forget the care of their own physiological period and ovulation period. So how do you check the ovulation period? Xiaobian here is a universally applicable method. Commonly used methods for estimating the “ovulation period” are: 1. Cervical mucus observation method (must be done in the hospital). 2. Basal body temperature measurement method. Both: wake up after a long period of sleep read more

Practical exercises: the best moments for the best of you

Sometimes, my husband always has sex doubts than his wife. Regarding sex ethics, we have to talk about it now. Everyone has a better understanding of sexual satisfaction. It is nothing more than a good pleasure. Every time is satisfied, if the male is Satisfying one’s own desires without considering women’s demands, then this is a manifestation of “immorality” in sex. Her husband must care more about his wife and not avoid his wife’s demands.

The naked eye knows the spring: the body exposes the woman’s true “sex” feelings

Not every woman is willing to have a sexual relationship before marriage, but the harmony of sexual intercourse after marriage obviously needs to be guaranteed. A woman’s bed is good, and I can see the body shape. Whether sex life is harmonious is related to the emotional problems between husband and wife. Therefore, sex is the bond that maintains the relationship between the two sides. It is important to choose a partner that matches your “sex” feelings. The following describes the relationship between the five “body types” of women and “temperament.” Xiao Yu type: This type of woman, thin waist and buttocks, is the favorite of most men, but also the envy of all women. Her characteristics are muscle uniformity, good vaginal contraction, and the read more

6 time points that are not suitable for the house

When enjoying the fun of sex life between husband and wife in life, you need to know some basic health knowledge. There is a lot of attention in the time of the same room! The same room is the experience that every adult couple will have, although this kind of intimacy can promote each other. Feelings, but for the sake of the health of themselves and their partners, it is still necessary to pay attention to whether the time in the same room is good for the body. Then, what are the moments that must not be in the same room? 1. If you have sex prematurely after childbirth, it is easy to cause uterine incompetence and uterine bleeding. 2. Before the bath, before doing the things that love to do, love to clean, talk about hygiene, take a shower first, of course, nothing wrong, but many people read more

Don’t do four things after breaking up! Injury

In the process of getting along with men and women, it is inevitable that they will encounter some frictions and contradictions. When the contradictions are not reconcilable, breaking up is the only choice. In order to make the breakup more decent, don’t do four things after breaking up. Otherwise, it will hurt you. You must let yourself get out of the last relationship and don’t worry about each other! So what do you do after the breakup? First, it is easier to “hungry and eat” in the short term after breaking up. As the saying goes, the best way to forget the last relationship is to “quickly” invest in the next relationship. Maybe when you fall in love with another person, you can naturally help you out of the haze of the old feelings. However, using read more

What are the characteristics of each male and female sexual desire?

Whether or not sex life is harmonious is actually a topic of professionalism. The love of both sexes is actually reflected in sexual life. It can be combined to form a perfect sex life, then the sexual desire of men and women. What are the characteristics? Male sexuality characteristics Men’s sexual desire comes quickly and strongly, and the sexual illusion caused by vision and touch can stimulate powerful sensual power. In sexual life, men’s “conquest of desire” is very strong. The man uncontrollably inserted the penis into the woman’s vagina and twitched quickly, eagerly expecting the arrival of a woman’s orgasm. At the dawn of the male orgasm, the growth of sexual desire has further developed to occupy and conquer the woman, and there is a strong desire to dominate read more