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The derailed man gave his wife a repentance book!

Maybe I shouldn’t call you this anymore. After all, we have been divorced for more than a year, but it has been so difficult to get rid of you for so many years. You don’t know how much I regret when I get divorced for a year. I regret that at that time, the ghosts were fascinated, the promises were not kept, and the other women who were derailed broke your heart. Before derailing, I always felt that the marriage life was too dull. It was a little trivial to abandon your mouth and mouth. I want to find something new and exciting, so when the opportunity arises, it is easy to betray you when you want to be a good oath for you all your life. After divorce, I realized that freshness and excitement are actually excuses. In fact, I am not blessed in my own life. I thought that the read more

7 things you should know about adrenal fatigue!

Adrenal fatigue has not been valued in the past but has always affected us. It is actually not just a problem. It is dangerous to cause serious illnesses. Modern women are overworked and stressed, increasing the chances of adrenal fatigue. Insufficient sleep, stress, irregular eating habits, and undernutrition are all serious damage to the human body, leading to adrenal fatigue and health problems. The following describes the adrenal fatigue problems that every woman should know and how to avoid them in the future. 1. Infertility The health of the adrenal glands is vital to fertility, which is why it is important to maintain a healthy adrenal gland and maintain a good level of stress. The adrenal gland is part of the main endocrine gland. When the adrenal gland is overburdened, it will lead read more

The four manifestations indicate that the other party has derailed the five conditions of derailment

Some people think that the marital relationship without sex relationship is not derailed. This is a big mistake. Because the derailed person has betrayed the lover from the heart, even if he does not have sex with others, his emotional focus is no longer in the family. It can be said that emotional derailment is even worse than physical derailment. If your partner has the following performances, he/she has betrayed you. 1, often find excuses not to go home. The couple who have spiritual derailment will feel that they are uninteresting at home, so they often find excuses not to go home. Even if they go home, they would rather be alone, be idle and bored, and would not be willing to have fun together with the other party. The couple are in front of their eyes, but they are two days of ice read more

A charming love game between men and women

What do you think I wear this dress, it looks fat?” When a woman asks you this way, you are destined to “rob the number of people.” No matter what you say, the answer is wrong. She must have The correct answer. If you say a good faith lie and tell her that “you don’t look fat at all”, she knows that you are lying. At this time, some punishment is naturally inevitable for two reasons: one It’s because you lied, and the second is because you have noticed the shape of her figure. It can be seen that no matter how you choose to answer, you can’t win the hearts of the Iraqis. Why are women passionate about these psychological games? The reason is very simple. Women hope to control the relationship between the two sexes through these games. The average read more

Why do men who do not love marriage after 70?

1. There is too much pressure on life in modern society. The main pressure is from work, from life, to the challenge of marriage. It is not as simple as making a friend. It needs to solve a series of practical problems such as house and car. And the pressure of these lives can make men choose to give up marriage. 2, not enough money in addition to the house car, more importantly, there must be enough funds to live, from the moment of the farewell to singles, it is necessary to spend money to cultivate feelings, preparations for marriage, basically with money And the life after marriage, naturally, is enough to leave without enough money to live. 3, pick and choose to pick flowers and eyes may be a lot of 70 men have talked about a lot of girlfriends, including cohabitation, and then when read more

Have you reached the standard of reliable men?

Measuring a man’s reliable measure can’t see how much money he has, whether it is a second generation, or a strong ability to make love. The standard of reliable men should be reviewed in terms of their personal abilities, personality, taste and so on. If you can achieve the following four criteria, then it is definitely a reliable man. A man who is serious about doing business, can a man who has no job and no career still be a man? Of course, the work that is said here does not have to be a so-called top-notch or a brilliant career. It can work hard and do things seriously. This is very it is good. And a street or network gangster that has nothing to do all day, or live by the property left by his ancestors, you can’t really rely on him for such a man, not being poor or read more

What should I do when I urinate?

The penis is a man’s urinal organ, and also a organ of love. Usually, whether it is urinating or ejaculation, it is shot straight out of the penis. However, some situations are quite special. Most men should have encountered it. It is not straight when urinating, but the “left and right open bow” fork! What is going on here? Is it sick? Occasional urination bifurcation men’s urination bifurcation may be sporadic, mostly unrelated to the disease. It is mainly due to temporary obstruction at the anterior urethra or urethral opening. For example, some people may wake up after waking up in the morning, or when they finish their first urination. This is because all night, urine accumulates in the bladder, the pressure in the bladder is large, and the force is large when read more

What is the secretion during ovulation?

Female friends will have many physiological changes during ovulation, such as increased vaginal discharge, increased secretions, etc. In fact, this is a normal physiological manifestation. Many careful female friends will find their own lower body during ovulation. Is it damp, and there are more secretions, so what is the secretion in the ovulation period? When the secretion increases, need treatment? Ovulation secretion, pre-ovulation, the ovary mainly secretes estrogen, the secretion gradually Increased, under its role, the amount of cervical mucus also gradually increased, and increasingly thin, translucent. The lower body that has been dry after menstruation will gradually become damp. When it reaches the ovulation period, the estrogen secretion peaks, the cervical mucus volume is also read more

What should I do when I have ovulation bleeding during sex?

What should I do when I have ovulation bleeding during sex? Ovulation bleeding is a normal phenomenon, but not all are normal, so see if there is more bleeding, then the number of days to see bleeding is several days, because the ovulation period and menstrual period are not the same, it is impossible to have more bleeding and The time is still long. If there is such a situation, it is recommended to check it out at the hospital. Causes 1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of inter-menstrual bleeding is yin deficiency, liver stagnation, damp heat, blood stasis, spleen deficiency, etc. The Chong Ren two veins are disturbed during the flood season, and the blood sea is not solid. 2. Western medicine believes that estrogen levels will drop significantly after ovulation read more