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The 19th anniversary of the Beckham couple’s marriage is as good as ever! Divorce rumors are not broken

On the 5th, both Beckham and Victoria celebrated the 19th anniversary of their marriage in a personal social media account update. Victoria wrote: “19th Anniversary! I love you very much.” Beckham said with emotion: “19 years, wow! Today, 19 years ago, I was purple from head to toe, and my most incredible wife is also The children’s mother said a happy anniversary, I love you!” The couple took out the same photo, the two of them dressed in formal glasses smile, the two hands are tightly held together, with candlelight dinner The way to celebrate the anniversary is also to let the netizens call for sweetness. Beckham and his wife Victoria met in 1997, engaged in 1998, and married on July 4, 1999. The two married to have three sons and one young daughter. Although read more

Yang Yulin toured the Beijing station guests exposure! Will sing with Wang Xinling

According to Taiwan media reports, artist Yang Yulin is full of work, and the tour “Who lives in youth” has been on the tour since the end of last year. After the opening of the small dome, the latest tour will be announced. It will be sung in Beijing on August 25th. “ETtoday Starlight Cloud” reported that the guest was confirmed to be a friend Wang Xinling! Yang Yulin’s TV series “Former Boyfriend is Not a Man” was broadcasted, but recently announced that she will participate in the Oriental TV program and challenge the dance project, which puts her pressure. The latest station in Beijing, the station, announced that “Who lives in youth” pre-sale tickets to sell, so fans are quite looking forward to. “Who lives in youth” read more

The new “Meteor Garden” premiere was vomited by netizens: progress is like a rocket

According to Taiwan media reports, the classic idol drama remake from the preview has attracted the attention of the audience. The new version of “Meteor Garden” on the 9th, the first keyword related to the 3 keywords rushed to Weibo hot search, the most amazing thing is the first Set, the progress is fast to the netizens: “Is this the rhythm of the ending tomorrow?” **There are spoilers below ** After 17 years, Chai Zhiping re-appointed as the producer and the audience is quite looking forward to the new “Meteor Garden” on the 9th After the broadcast, the audience appeared some doubts and felt incredible places, “Meteor Garden progress fast”, “Guo Caijie lines”, “Huaze class suddenly inverted” three keywords also attacked read more

Liang Luo Shi comprehensively came back to avoid feelings and refused to let his son expose

Liang Luo Shi’s comprehensive comeback to the performing arts According to Hong Kong media reports, Liang Luo Shi gave birth to three sons of super-rich Li Zezhen many years ago, and once they broke up. After the two eventually broke up, Liang Luo Shi later took photos of Zhang Aijia’s “Missing” and participated in the stage play. The performance, then disappeared before the scene. As the three children grew, Liang Luo Shi announced a comprehensive comeback. He officially appeared for the first time yesterday to attend the makeup brand event, and revealed that he is working on filming and variety shows, but when it comes to the current emotional situation, it immediately seals the mouth and makes it clear that it is absolutely Will not let his son exposed in front read more




  明星网资讯, 据韩媒简报,韩国演员郑容和近来正在母校釜山南山高中设立助学金会,今前年年将向卒业生需要助学金。正在当日的卒业仪式上,郑容和还馈赠了学校停滞基金。南山高中行政科长示意,郑容和许诺年年向学校馈赠3500万韩元停滞基金,作为助学金和乐队援助。

三太陈婉珍看望赌王 被问状况如何笑答“很好”。

至近早晨11时,超莲分开养和,她问新闻记者为何晚深仍留守敬老院,新闻记者说她也很晚,超莲示意:“我刚刚从佛山打道回府来,看一看爹地,妈妈曾经睡了。”到早晨8点40分,三房儿子何猷启到敬老院探赌王,猷启小气任新闻记者摄影,他示意今晚没有会正在敬老院过夜,约半时辰后,何超云素颜现身渐渐进入敬老院,正在等升降机时期,亦有应新闻记者请求其回身拍照。日前,身穿红衣的三太陈婉珍现身养和敬老院,慢步入内,正在公堂列队等电梯时,望一望正在场新闻记者打招待,13日黄昏,三太面带愁容步出,跟传媒挥手,问到赌王状况如何?她说:“很好,OK啊!我现正在去吃饭 。
read more




  明星网资讯, 2月13日,蔡远航正在微博晒出与妻儿的澳门银河娱乐合影对于对于照,并配文称:“两年,真快,真美妙。”照片中的蔡远航与孙茜亲切依偎,怀中抱着儿子,非常温暖。

Ella与老公姘头节秀恩爱 网友:这狗粮太甜了。


  没有少粉丝纷繁挥笔称:“计委提示您: 途径当然条 保险第一条 起床没有标准 孕棒两条杠 ”“哎哟妈这样快就被虐了
”“劲宝:麻麻我没有是你的小姘头了吗”“据说仰头纹越重的人男子汉越疼老婆 ”。